AdamFerrari64 Takes on More Super Mario World Records

Lots of speedrunners have done crazy impressive feats in gaming. Miniland is a great example, where he tied a TAS speedrun for many levels of Super Mario Bros. 1. Just like Miniland, AdamFerrari64 has taken on some seriously impressive Mario speedruns.

AdamFerrari64 has quickly risen up the leaderboards on multiple games, attaining multiple Super Mario world records. Inspired by Darbian, Adam picked up Super Mario Land 2 as a speedrun in June 2020 and blasted his way through incredible times on the leaderboard.

AdamFerrari64’s Super Mario Land 2 Speedruns

I personally have been watching Super Mario Land 2 speedruns since 2013, and seeing someone move up so quickly on the leaderboards is practically unheard of. In the main category, Any% Glitchless, AdamFerrari64 stands in first place with a 26:14, right above IluvMario (26:18), Darbian (26:19), Oh_DeeR (26:20), EiP25 (26:21), along with many other talented and incredible runners holding ranks nearby.

With those on the leaderboard between 2nd and 5th place spanning a mere 1 second apart each, Adam’s more than 4 second lead shows you how impressive this run truly is.

AdamFerrari64’s Super Mario Land Speedrunning Streak

After achieving the Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins world record, he picked up yet another Mario speedrun — Super Mario Land. A month ago, Adam started putting times up on the speedrun leaderboards. Once again, he climbed the the ranks at a remarkable rate. On November 7th, 2020, Adam pulled off a 12:25.517 speedrun in Any%. This new time sandwiched Adam between EiP25’s first place time of 12:25.052 and callumbal‘s 3rd place time of 12:25.637 — differences of milliseconds.

Then, on November 22nd, 2020, AdamFerrari64 brought home the world record with a 12:24.467.

The Future Of AdamFerrari64’s Speedrunning Career

He is looking forward to the future of his speedrunning endeavors, which will include Super Mario Bros., Kirby’s Dream Land, Super Mario Land 2 All Levels, and more! I have recently been watching his 4:58 attempts in Super Mario Bros. You should definitely come stop in and watch, because personal bests and even possibly more world records are sure to come! Whatever the case, he’s always fun to watch! Go check out Adam at!

I’ll see you there!

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