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Karl Takes another UWR!

After just recently achieving his incredible 52 second untied world record on Dam Agent on December 2nd, knocking back 127 people to 2nd place… he does it again.

Being in top shape, Karl recognized his momentum and didn’t let it slip. He decided to begin his journey for his next untied. 105 speedrunners on the leaderboard for Archives Agent held a 1st place tied world record of 16 seconds. This tied WR included Karl himself with his 16 achieved all the way back on January 18th, 2006.

Now, it is extremely important to understand the significance of a 16 before we continue. There weren’t 105 runners on the leaderboard with a 16 PB because it’s easy to get. To achieve this great time, runners spend hundred, if not thousands of hours perfecting their strafes, shooting out the glass window at the end, opening doors, manipulating guards, and flawless movement. Then, beyond that, you need to rely on luck to get damage boosts, and a combination of luck and skill are required to utilize those damage boosts to your advantage. This is no easy task, and is truly a remarkable display of talent and dedication.

Karl recognized, with 16 low enough, he could use a safer but minimally slower strategy for opening the door behind which Natalia is waiting. Though this is slower, it is significantly more reliable, thus more runs will be completed resulting in a higher likelihood of landing his desired untied run. However, being that this does lose him a fraction of a second on an already extremely tight time, he has to have the stars align just right and clutch out the ending — and that he did.

On December 17th, 2017, it has finally been accomplished. Karl claims victory, leaving behind the herd and bumping 104 runners to 2nd place.

Within only 45-50 hours of run-time since picking Archives back up in December, he did what nobody else has ever been capable.

“… that kind of window after that boost, requires you to practice the window for 40 hours.”

When nerves are high, the run is where it needs to be and you’re at the end of the level, clutching the ending is crucial. Getting a huge boost, throwing off the usual feel, he still managed to pump out 6 shots to the window, breaking it without any loss of time. This run is estimated to be around 15.9x seconds.

Karl is on a roll and who knows what unmatched times he’ll pull in next, so go give this guy a follow over at his channel. For more rankings, check out the GoldenEye leaderboards.

Well, as always, stay true and godspeed… 😉

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