BBF_ Improves Boshy WR! 30:43

What a run!

BBF_ has held world record in Boshy’s main category for quite some time now, but his name just got etched deeper into the leaderboard with an amazing time of 30:43. Previously holding the WR at 31:02.

The main category of I Wanna Be The Boshy is Any% (No WW, Dark Boshy Only) with 53 people on the leaderboard. Witwix still holds second place from his 2014 run with a time of 32:24, leaving 31 now completely vacant of any runner’s personal best.

There’s always a special feeling when seeing someone achieve the greatest time ever, but this run was a little something extra. It started off on a great pace with minor ups and downs but as he got further into the run, it became a rollercoaster of nerves. His World 10 split was 17.9 seconds ahead which is absolutely insane. Missingno wasn’t exactly the ideal Splash/Recover, but it was still a very quick fight… Then World 11 comes along. BBF took a really bad hit in this stage, probably just due to nerves; about 15 seconds lost.

It was at this time, BBF lost his hype. At the start of this clip you can hear him say “I threw it.” assuming he just lost the chance at a WR improvement. Even just climbing up to phase 2 of the fight, he nearly falls to his death in what appears to be simply a lack of motivation.

Honestly, as a viewer, I winced. I was still attached to the run. I didn’t want to believe it was over yet.

It was then, the unthinkable happened.

BBF’s YouTube channel, you can find his newest PBs here!

He got the one cycle! These orbs are random. You have to use yourself as a target for the orbs to direct them at the boss. The likelihood of getting this in a run is incredibly low- especially when you account for nerves.

It makes you think… if he didn’t lose his hype from the time loss in World 11, would he still have been able to pull this off? Well, it’s BBF, so probably!

Go check out his channel and check out more of his runs. Hey, maybe we’ll see you there sometime! He’s a really great guy, and us at The Frame can’t wait to see him at AGDQ 2018!

Congrats, BBF, on an amazing display of skill and dedication. You’re a hero.

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