5 Best Gaming Chairs – Ergonomic, Fairly Priced, Comfortable

Obliterating your enemies shouldn’t kill your back in the process. Gaming chairs are designed to support you through all your battles while keeping pains, aches, and poor posture at bay.

There are plenty of factors to consider when choosing a gaming chair. The shape, size, style, material, and your budget, to name a few. Here are our top picks! These gaming chairs are sure to have your back (even when your teammates don’t).

The Best Overall Gaming Chair – Secretlab TITAN Evo 

No chair makes your butt feel like a champion quite like the Secretlab TITAN Evo does. It provides everything you could possibly want as a gamer in dire need of back pain relief, from 4-way lumbar support and a full length, reclinable backrest, to a pebble seat base that promotes good posture. It even has a magnetic memory foam head pillow infused with cooling gel.

The build is equally impressive. Every element screams high quality. It sports a durable metal frame, abrasive-resistant upholstery, and immaculate stitching. Plus, the chair is easy to assemble.

What really sets the Secretlab TITAN Evo apart though is its versatile customization options. The chair comes in three different sizes, a range of materials (including leather), and various patterns and colors. Secretlab has also partnered up with various games and esports organizations for the designs — you can finally get a chair that shows off your dedication to the likes of The Witcher, Team Vitality or LoL’s Jinx.

The TITAN Evo supports up to 395 pounds and is backed by up to a 5-year warranty. My only nitpick? The head cushion is a little fiddly and sometimes gets nudged out of place.

Their chairs are available on Amazon.

Most Ergonomic Gaming Chair – Herman Miller x Logitech Embody

Herman Miller is the “Louis Vuitton” of the chair realm. And by that, I mean their chairs are going to cost you a limb (or two). But if you have the cash to splurge? Sit back, and you’ll be transported to heaven. 

The Herman Miller x Logitech Embody offers an unbeatable ergonomic experience. The seat is specially designed to mold to your back and support your spine, no matter your frame, sitting position, and height. So yep, you can game for hours on end without feeling even the slightest hint of back pain or discomfort. The seat is also fitted with a cooling foam layer — something your rear will much appreciate during the hot summer months. 

Like most high-end gaming chairs, the Herman Miller x Logitech Embody can be adjusted in virtually every way. You can even customize the tilting tension and depth of the seat. With that said, the armrest movement is pretty limited. You can only alter their width and height. But this is a minor gripe considering tiltable armrests aren’t exactly a gamechanging feature anyway. 

The overall design looks and feels premium. The frame is made from aluminum and the polyester seat cover is durable, retains its color well, and doesn’t attract dirt. The wheels are whisper quiet, and thanks to their soft polyurethane tread, they won’t scratch up your floors.  

The Herman Miller x Logitech Embody requires no assembly and can support up to 299 pounds. Although the price tag is jawdropping, it does make up for this with its equally jawdropping 12-year warranty. And yes, that’s not a typo. It will literally last for years to come, with the warranty covering “casters, pneumatic cylinders, tilts, and all moving mechanisms.”

Buy it now.

Best Budget Gaming Chair – Respawn 110

The Respawn 110 is a sturdy, comfortable, and stylish chair that’ll support your back without breaking the bank. At under $200, it comes packed with an adjustable headrest and lumbar pillow, a contoured, padded design, and a retractable footrest. The chair can be reclined up to 155 degrees and supports 275 pounds. The armrests, while not adjustable, are padded and pivot with you as you recline. 

With the Respawn 110, you’ll have no problem finding a design that suits your tastes (and battlestation). It comes in a wide range of bold, vibrant colors and styles, including a nifty camo theme. Plus, the faux leather material is easy to clean – yes, even if you spill your IRL mana all over it (aka energy drinks) – and is soft to the touch.

The chair does require assembling, but the instructions are easy to follow and no additional tools are needed. The Respawn 110 is backed by a limited 5-year warranty.

Buy it now.

Best Console Gaming Chair – X-Rocker Pro Series+ 2.1

For console gaming, nothing quite tops pedestal chairs. They let you lean back comfortably, offer better viewing angles of TV screens, and can be reclined and tilted to your personal preference.

The X-Rocker Pro Series+ 2.1 is one of the best pedestal chairs on the market. It takes your gameplay experience to a whole other level, with an ergonomic design, gunstock armrests, and ultra-comfy deep foam padding. The chair even comes with built-in wireless speakers and sound-reactive vibration motors, providing unbeatable immersion. 

While customization options are limited, the chair’s black faux leather looks sleek and is sure to suit most battlestations. Plus, there’s an undeniable “gamer” flair to the overall design. 

The X-Rocker Pro Series+ 2.1 is 42 inches tall and weighs around 49 pounds. The seat width, at 21 inches, allows for plenty of wriggle room. Assembly is required.

You can visit the full X Rockert store here.

Best Office Gaming Chair – NeueChair

After something a little more low key? Then the mid-back NeueChair delivers on all fronts. Its design is sleek yet subtle, forgoing the standard gamer vibe for a more office appropriate look. It features adjustable lumbar support, pivotal armrests, and an ultra-smooth recline mechanism. The seat is also made from high-quality materials, with its durability backed by a 12-year limited warranty. 

The NeueChair is made from breathable mesh that stays cool and won’t irritate your skin. While it’s not the easiest to clean, it’s insanely comfortable and doesn’t retain odors and stains. It’s also designed to withstand years of wear and tear. The casters are smooth, equipped with noise reduction, and won’t scratch wooden surfaces.

The NeueChair doesn’t come with a headrest, though you can fork out extra for this perk. Assembly is a breeze as most of the parts arrive pre-assembled. The chair is compact and can accommodate up to 240 pounds.

Buy it now.

Are Gaming Chairs Worth the Investment?

In short, yes. Gaming chairs are worth the investment. They’re designed to carry you to victory, both IRL and in-game. They maximize comfort, help you maintain good posture, and prevent fatigue and aches. A good gaming chair can also be adjusted to give you optimal viewing angles. 

The 5 gaming chairs we’ve mentioned above are durable, comfortable, and stylish. Each is better suited to different needs and budgets, so you’re sure to find one that’s “just right.” 

And once you’ve found your new gaming chair? Complete your battlestation with an ergonomic mouse and keyboard combo.

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