First Impressions! The Funny Boneyard

The Funny Boneyard is the freshly minted brainchild of Austrian-based game company ZORPEK. Founded by Josef Zorn and Andreas Capek, this is the duo’s first foray into the gaming world — and we are excited.

For all of you 90s kids that grew up on Lucas Art adventure games and Saturday morning cartoons, this game will feel like a blast-from-the-past, albeit with a few caveats. The game looks and feels like the retro point-and-clicks of our youth but with a tinge of social commentary.

You play as Maria Romero, your typically disenchanted millennial, as she tries to save her local pub, The Funny Boneyard. Maria is a product of missed opportunities in university, an overactive social media presence and a crippling struggle with anxiety. If she seems a bit blasé at first, it’s probably because her situation rings a little too close to home for most of us. However, instead of descending into the typically nihilistic self-deprecation, the game does offer some opportunities for personal growth. As we played the demo, our own sense of stagnation with the character became a much more hopeful dive into lessons about friendship, trust and social responsibility.

The game’s demo is currently available for download for free on right here. We are looking forward to some more zany point-and-click action in the near future! Definitely go check these guys out and remember to tweet and share about your experience with the game.

My playthrough of the demo is over on my Twitch where you can check out an hour and a half of this gameplay demo!

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