Hiring Speedrun Writers and Content Creators

Speed Gaming News is looking to hire one or two people who are able to write a paid article about speedrunning every week or every other week. I may hire multiple people to cover a more diverse set of speedrun knowledge. You do not have to be a speedrunner (though it helps), but you do have to have good knowledge of speedrunning along with writing samples (on any topic, but preferably gaming). I am looking for more than just writers though, so please check below for options and details.

Just for clarification, this is not a full-time job opportunity. I am paying out of pocket, and probably always will. You get paid per article, which could help with getting you a little extra side cash while building up your portfolio and writing about something you really enjoy.


Be 18 years old or older, have knowledge of popular speedruns (I write enough about obscure speedruns, so I need someone to spotlight the more well-known speedruns), have at least one example of your writing. You also must have a Paypal account.

Speedrun Writer (Paid) – Open

Write about speedruns, speedrun events, tournaments, speedrunners “Who is” style articles (with their permission, of course), new routes, world records, and personal bests. Furthermore, articles about guides for OBS or other streaming and speedrunning tools would be awesome! There will be no writing about drama, name-calling, politically-motivated articles, calling out of bad behavior, swearing, making fun of “cringe”, or anything of that nature. However, you can write about record trading and competition — so long as it’s done with good sportsmanship.

Speedruns for writing consideration: Zelda games, Mario games, Minecraft, Super Mario World romhacks, Castelvania games, Ninja Gaiden, GoldenEye 007, Sonic games, Mega Man, Mario Kart, Pokémon, Soulsborne series games, etc. Preferably a healthy mix of any popular or more mainstream speedruns, and not zoned into one game or series.

Pay depends on experience, but there is a general range that all of my current and future writers will be placed. Experience with writing in WordPress is a plus, but not a requirement (I can train you).

That’s really all there is to it! If you’re interested, just send me a DM on Discord “Speedrun & Gaming News#1577”, you can also find me in the channel here: https://discord.gg/zCWz4vt. Please give me 24 hours to reply, as I tend to stay very busy.

Other Opportunities – Open

Occasional guest writers would be welcomed, but I have to be choosy with these, due to financial reasons. If you have an idea for an article but don’t want to be a regular writer, feel free to let me know on the Discord channel.

Additionally, I am looking for free content. Yep, I said it. This is for mutually beneficial options. These options include:

  • Scripts for videos: If you make gaming or speedrun-related videos for YouTube or elsewhere, and you’re looking for extra exposure we could work something out where your script can be posted to my site with the video included in the article. You get more video views, and I get an article, it’s a win-win. If you have connections with someone who might want to make use of this, please share the link to this page with them!
  • Promotional content: If you want to do a write-up about your event coming up or anything that falls under self-promotion. I’ll be happy to share it. If you know someone who might want to know about this, feel free to share it with them.
  • You just want to write: I mean, hey, I’m not going to stop you. Go for it, just let me know about it first so I can approve the topic. I’d be delighted to have a writer on who just enjoys writing or wants to boost their portfolio.

Again, if you’re interested, just hit me up on Discord or directly by Discord DM “Speedrun & Gaming News#1577”.

I’ll see you around. Please, no hate 🙂 I’m just a person trying my best, and hopefully helping others along the way.