How To Breed Horses In Minecraft

Horses are one of the most useful animals you can find in a Survival game of Minecraft, especially when you have a saddle handy since it means you can tame them just by jumping on their back.

While one horse will certainly make your life a lot easier when it comes to traversing the map, there are also plenty of reasons to have more than one horse, or even an entire herd, especially if you’re playing with other players.

This is where breeding comes in, providing an easy way to produce more horses, each with its own unique traits and stats.

Keep reading to learn how to breed horses in a game of Minecraft, and why it is so worth doing when you manage to find two horses out in the wild.

How Do You Breed Horses in Minecraft?

To breed horses, find two wild horses and tame them. Feed them Golden Apples or Golden carrots until “love mode” is activated. With love mode, you will see hearts around the horses. Finally, a baby foal will be spawned in.

How to Breed Horses (Detailed Explanation)

You will need to find two wild horses and make sure that they have been tamed. To do this, simply place a saddle on top of their back and ride them a handful of times until they grow comfortable around you.

A horse can kick you off a few times before they are fully tamed, but once you notice that they begin following you around when you are dis-mounted, then you will know that they have been tamed successfully.

It should also be noted that there are no defined animal genders in the game, so you won’t need to worry about whether the horses are male or female when finding them out in the wild.

Once you have two tamed horses together, you will need to feed them either Golden Apples or Golden Carrots in order for “love mode” to be activated which will enable two horses to breed.

You can find Golden Carrots either by searching for them in chests while in the remnants of a Bastion, or by trading with a master-level farmer villager.

Golden Apples can also be a little tricky to acquire, and while there are a few ways, the easiest is to simply craft them using eight gold ingots and a single apple.

Once both horses are fed, you will notice that they will start getting very close to each other with love hearts popping up around their heads which will signify that they are breeding, and after about three seconds, a baby foal will appear.

How Do Parents Affect The Offspring?

While you can simply choose any random horses you find while exploring the map to breed and produce offspring, many players will take the time to seek out horses with specific qualities and stats so that they can produce the perfect offspring to suit the player’s needs.

The way this works is that the offspring’s stats (HP, Speed, Jumping Height) will be decided by taking an average of the stats of both the parents, along with a third much smaller randomized set of stats, meaning if you wanted to raise a herd of horses that are all fast, or that have extremely high HP so they can help take on mobs, finding a pair of horses that excel in these certain areas is the best way to go.

In terms of the color of the offspring, there is an 11% chance they will be born with a random base color and a 20% chance to have a random marking placed on their body.

If the color does not turn out to be random, then it will be the same color as one or both of the parents.

Can Horses Breed With Any Other Animals?

You can breed a horse and a donkey in the same way you can breed two horses, however, they will produce a mule which is a little different from a horse.

When the mule has grown up, they won’t be able to run as fast as a horse or jump as high, but they have the huge advantage of being able to carry chests.

Because a mule is a mix between a horse and a donkey, they will still be slightly faster than your average donkey alongside having better overall stats, and if you’re speedrunning, they can often be the better option since you’ll be able to bring along all of your equipment as you travel.

It’s therefore a lot better to breed a horse and donkey rather than just two donkeys since a mule is always going to be much better in terms of stats.

What Should You Feed A Horse?

Feeding horses is incredibly important, and while you don’t technically need to feed horses in order for them to survive, there are many benefits to doing so since it can alter a horse’s behavior, while also helping them grow into maturity.

If you have a baby foal and want them to grow faster, try feeding them some sugar, wheat, or an apple as these will all help them grow much faster, otherwise, you will need to wait 20 minutes for them to mature fully.

Feeding grown horses these foods will also heal them and regenerate 1-3 hearts, though with that being said, the best food to feed horses after they have been wounded is a Golden Carrot, a Golden Apple, or Hay Bale which will all heal at least four hearts.

Horses will often rush in and attack mobs if they get too close, so it’s always important to keep a stock of food around so that you can keep them strong and healthy at all times.


While you can easily encourage two horses to breed by simply using a Golden Carrot or Golden Apple, always try to keep in mind the kind of horse that you want to produce since both its appearance and skills will be heavily determined by the parents.

While you can keep a herd of horses around so that everyone in the game has their own trusty steed to jump on when they need to travel, you can also just as easily use them as backup against a large wave of mobs.

We hope this Minecraft guide on breeding horses was helpful. Catch you around!



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