How to Earn Blue Essence in League of Legends

Previously known as IP (Influence Points), Blue Essence (BE) is the main, in-game currency in League of Legends. Every single champion in League can be bought from the shop with BE. However, champion prices vary. Newly-released champions cost 7800 Blue Essence, while old champions cost as little as 450 BE.

Aside from champions, Blue Essence can also be spent on rune pages, mastery tokens, and chromas during the Blue Essence Emporium. Today, we’ll cover all the different ways you can earn Blue Essence in League of Legends. We’ll then discuss the best strategies for earning BE fast. 

Blue Essence can be earned by leveling up, completing missions, accumulating honor, and disenchanting unwanted champion shards.

You can find out how much BE you currently own in the client. Look for the fragmented, blue shard icon next to your profile picture.

Leveling Up and Champion Shards

Leveling up is the easiest and fastest way to obtain Blue Essence. Every time you level up, Riot rewards you with Blue Essence, or if you’re past level 30, a champion capsule. The capsule can contain BE and up to 5 champion shards.

A champion shard – which allows you to unlock a champion at a discounted price – can be disenchanted for Blue Essence, with the amount you receive being 20% of the champion’s original BE cost. For example, disenchanting a champion shard of Fizz, a 4800 BE champion, will net you 960 BE. 

Here’s a breakdown of all the disenchant values:

Champion Price

Disenchant Value 

450  90
1350 270
3150 630
4800 960
6300 1260
7800 1570

You can find earned champion shards under the loot tab in the client (the hammer and anvil icon).

How Do I Level Up in League of Legends?

You level up in League by completing missions and playing games. The amount of experience you earn from a match depends on if you won and how long the game went on. A 30-minute Summoner’s Rift game will give you around 240 XP for a win or 160 XP for a loss. Longer games give you more XP points.

First Win of the Day Mission

As its name suggests, this daily mission gives you bonus Blue Essence and XP when you win your first matchmade game of the day. While you only get 50 BE, the XP amount is generous and can help you level up (and gain level rewards) quicker. It resets every 20 hours.

Hextech Chests

Hextech Chests are essentially loot boxes. You can obtain various in-game goodies from them, including champion shards. Splurging on Hextech Chests is a great way to rack up Blue Essence quickly because they only drop champion shards worth over 4,800 BE. That said, there’s only a 25% chance the drop will be a champion shard. The drop rates are:

  • Skin shard or Ultimate skin permanent: 50%
  • Champion shard: 25%
  • Ward skin shard: 11.5%
  • Emote: 10%
  • Summoner icon: 35%

You also have a chance to acquire:

  • Hextech Chest + Key: 10%
  • Gemstone: 2.68%
  • Loot exclusive: 0.04%

There are a few ways to acquire Hextech Chests, including:

  • Buy them from the store with Riot Points (RP), LoL’s premium currency

  • Mission or honor level rewards

  • You or your premade getting an S- or higher on a champion (when you have a chest available)

Hextech Chests vs Masterwork Chests – Which is Best for Getting Blue Essence?

Masterwork Chests are the “upgraded” version of Hextech Chests, offering better drop rates for high-value items like skin shards. Stick to Hextech Chests if you want to earn Blue Essence. Masterwork Chests do not drop champion shards and you cannot obtain any Blue Essence from them. 

Missions and Event Tokens 

League always has big events going on throughout the year, and each event is jampacked with missions and rewards. While the rewards vary, every event has at least one mission that gives players Blue Essence.

Completing event missions also gives you tokens, which you can then spend in the dedicated mission shop. You can exchange tokens for all sorts of items, from Blue Essence and mission orbs to exclusive skins and random champion shards.

Honor Rewards

Being a team player – and refraining from starting a flame war in chat – doesn’t just increase your chances of winning your games; it can also help you obtain Blue Essence, thanks to the in-game honor leveling system. 

The honor system basically rewards you for playing nicely (aka saying GG instead of FF15). Whenever you receive or give an honor after a match, you build up an honor ranking and are rewarded once you hit certain checkpoints or levels.

The main reward is Blue Essence, but other rewards include key fragments, random emotes, and champion shards. There are 5 honor levels in total. The higher level you are, the better rewards (and BE amount) you’ll get. 

How to Improve Honor Level in League

Improving your honor rank is simple: maintain a positive attitude and don’t hurl insults at your teammates. Encouraging your team to work together and making effective calls in-game can also net you some “shotcaller” honor votes.  

Keep in mind that getting your premades to honor you 24/7 isn’t going to work. Riot are more than aware of this exploit!

Watch Esports Games

To incentivize players to get into LoL’s esports scene, Riot regularly release “watch missions” in the client, which give you a ton of BE if you watch pro matches live. You’ll need to sign into your LoL account on though, otherwise you won’t be eligible for the loot.

Amazon Prime Gaming

Got an Amazon Prime membership? Because you can connect your League account to Prime Gaming to unlock goodies every month, including free RP and five – yes, five! – champion shards. You’ll gain at least 4800 Blue Essence just from disenchanting the champion shards, and you can then exchange the RP for Hextech Chests if you want even more BE.

Tips for Earning Blue Essence in League of Legends Fast

Whether you’re saving up for Urfwick, or on a mission to unlock all the champions, here are some tips to make your BE grind more efficient.

  • Win Your Games: Wins grant you more XP than losses. If you consistently win your games you’ll level up quicker and in turn, gain BE faster. 
  • XP Boosters: XP boosts are another way to level up quicker, as they drastically increase the amount of XP you receive from games. The only downside? They cost RP. You can find and purchase XP boosters under the accessories tab in the client store. There are two types of boosters in the game: duration boosts and win boosts. Duration boosts are best for those who plan to grind it out within a short timeframe, while win boosts are better for players who don’t play LoL regularly or are confident in their ability to secure wins quickly. XP boosts activate automatically. 
  • Event Pass: If you really don’t mind splurging, pick up an event pass from the shop when there’s an event on. An event pass gives you an additional 1200 tokens, which you can then exchange for champion shards. Disenchant all the shards, and you’ll be left with a huge chunk of blue essence – at least 30,000.

What is the Blue Essence Emporium?

The Blue Essence Emporium is a bi-annual limited sale that allows you to buy certain premium items – such as summoner icons, emotes, and skin chromas – for Blue Essence instead of RP. There are also some exclusive items, like the legendary Urfwick Warwick skin. You can even get XP boosts for 50% off. 

Sadly, Riot hasn’t yet announced the 2022 dates of the Blue Essence Emporium, though it usually goes live in May and November.

Can You Gift Blue Essence in League?

There is currently no way to gift another player Blue Essence, but you can gift them RP or RP-bought items like skins and chromas. You can access the gifting center in the client. Click on the present icon next to “purchase RP.” 

Becoming a Blue Essence Hoarder

Farming Blue Essence can be extremely grindy at times, but the tips we’ve covered above will hopefully help make the process more efficient. In our opinion, the best way to earn blue essence is to play games with an XP booster equipped. However, there are quicker methods available (if you’re willing to splurge).

The Blue Essense won’t earn itself — so, GL HF!

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