How To Get Honeycomb In Minecraft

There are many useful tools and items in Minecraft that you can use to create your perfect world or fight for survival. It may surprise you that we are going to talk about honeycomb as one of them, but don’t click off this article just yet!

Honeycomb can actually be useful in a variety of situations, and we are going to tell you exactly how to get it.

In this article, we will discuss how to get honeycomb, where you can find it, how to use it, and more! So, if you’re interested, be sure to read on!

How to Make Honeycomb (Quick Guide)

  • Find a bee nest in up a tree in Meadow
  • The nest starts to drip (honey level 5)
  • Build a campfire 5 blocks away from the tree
  • Use sheers to make 3 honeycomb fall
  • Harvest the honeycomb

Minecraft Survival Mode: How To Make Honeycomb

A great way to get honeycomb in Minecraft is to make it yourself. However, to do this and have a constant supply of honeycomb, then you need a beehive.

The trouble is, you need to craft a beehive yourself. Luckily, this shouldn’t be too difficult as all you need is a bee nest, some shears, and tools to make a campfire.

You will need a bee nest to make a beehive! Luckily, you can find bee nests in many different biomes in the game. However, there is a varied chance of finding a bee nest depending on the biome.

Let’s check them out in more detail below!

  • Meadow – 100% chance of finding a bee nest
  • Sunflower Plains – 5% chance of finding a bee nest
  • Flower Forest – 3% chance of finding a bee nest
  • Birch Forest – 0.2% chance of finding a bee nest

So, as you can see, you are far more likely to find a bee nest in a meadow than you are in any other biome, so it is best to look there.

No matter what biome you search for a bee nest in, you are likely going to find it on the side of a tree, right up by the leaves.

Minecraft Survival Mode: How To Harvest Honeycomb

So, you’ve found a bee nest, now what? Well, bee nests can be found in various stages. Typically, all nests will contain around 3-4 bees. Bees will fly close to their nest to look for flowers.

Once the flowers have been found, they float above them for a while before eventually taking the pollen back to the nest.

Whenever a bee returns to its nest with pollen, the nest starts to create honeycomb. Then, when a bee exits to search for more flowers, the honey level inside its nest goes up to 1, and this continues until the honey level reaches 5.

Bee nests with a honey level of 5 look different from regular bee nests. They turn a yellow-orange color and honey particles will start to drip from them.

When you notice this, it means you can go ahead and harvest the bee nest. You can choose between using a glass bottle to collect the honey itself, or you can use sheers to collect the honeycomb (if you need to know how to make glass read here).

It is important to note that you can either follow one or the other of these methods, you cannot do both.

Minecraft Survival Mode: Fighting Off Bees To Get Honeycomb

When you use your sheers on a bee nest, honeycomb (3) will drop down. Once this happens, the bees will grow hostile toward you in an attempt to sting.

It is important that you protect yourself from these bees because they will deal damage if they do manage to sting you.

The best way to protect yourself from the bees is to build a campfire. It is best to do this directly underneath the bee nest or around 5 blocks away from it. The fire smoke will calm the bees, and they will not sting you.

Minecraft Survival Mode: What To Craft With Honeycomb

Here are some recipes that you can make with honeycomb!


Now that you have your honeycomb, you can use it to make a beehive. Making a beehive is very advantageous because you can use it to lure bees into making honey and honeycomb for you whenever you like.

To make a beehive, follow these steps:

  • Take 3 wooden planks and place them across both the top and the bottom of your crafting bench.
  • Place the honeycomb in the middle row.


You can also use honeycomb to make candles! Here are two ways you can do this:

  1. Take some string and place it above the honeycomb on the crafting screen.
  2. Take 4 honeycombs and place them in a square shape to make blocks. Once you do this, coat the honeycomb with copper to prevent them from oxidizing.

Can You Get Honeycomb Without Using A Bee Nest?

Unfortunately, no. The only way to get honeycomb in Minecraft: Survival Mode is to use a bee nest.

Is There A Way To Get Honeycomb In Minecraft Bedrock?

Yes, there is a way to get honeycomb in Minecraft Bedrock! Most people will play Minecraft through Java, but the advice given in this article applies to both Java and Bedrock Edition users!

This method of obtaining honeycomb will be the same on both versions of Minecraft.

Minecraft Creative Mode: How To Get Honeycomb

The focus of Minecraft creative is allowing players to destroy and create mechanisms and structures. Players can fly and have infinite use of blocks.

All of the survival elements of the game are taken away and the focus is just on having fun.

So, you do not need to find a way to get honeycomb on Minecraft: Creative Mode, it is already there for you within your tools. Happy crafting!

Final Thoughts

Let’s wrap up with a quick summary and a video guide in case you’re more of a visual learner!

In the Creative Mode of Minecraft, you have an infinite supply of honeycomb. However, in Survival Mode, you need to make honeycomb by using a beehive. To do so, you will first need to find a bee nest.

Once you have found the bee nest, wait until the bees have made enough honeycomb so you can take it with your shears. After this, you can make a beehive (or some candles) and get as much honeycomb as your heart desires!

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