How To Make A Bed In Minecraft

As you progress through a game of Survival in Minecraft and start getting to grips with how the mobs work after the sun sets, you’re quickly going to figure out how to use a few blocks to make a house, and while that’s a good way to hide, sleeping in a bed is even better.

For anyone trying to quickly skip through the nights in a game of Minecraft, or just add some colorful decor to a house to make it look a little flashier to other players, here is how you can build a bed in Minecraft, and why it’s worth doing so.

What Does A Bed Do?

When a player sleeps in a bed while the moon is out, the game will immediately skip to the morning after, while also setting that area as your new respawn point.

If you ever die after resting in a bed, you will appear at that spot rather than being randomly generated somewhere on the map, making this the best way to keep a safehold of your progress.

After you build a bed, make sure to set down a few chests around it so that you can stash away your important resources, potions, weapons, and any ores you find while mining and keep them close by (whilst you’re at it, make your space more homely with some glass windows).

You will need at least 2 spaces of room to place a bed, so most players will keep it tucked away in their cabin, and while you can place them out in the open, keep in mind that the game won’t let you sleep if there are too many mobs around, so it’s usually better to keep it indoors and surrounded by torches.

You also won’t be able to sleep in a bed if you are poisoned, starving, or on fire.

How Is A Bed Made?

In order to craft a bed, there are 3 items you will need:

  • Crafting Table – Made from 4 wooden planks in the 2×2 crafting grid.
  • Wool – Can be acquired by shearing and killing sheep. After the wool is taken, the sheep will regrow it usually about a minute after they eat some grass.
  • Wooden Planks – Place wood inside a square on the crafting table.

In short: Acquire a crafting table, wool, and wooden planks, then head to the crafting table. Place 3 wooden planks along the row at the top and 3 pieces of wool at the row just under it. A bed will pop up in the box to the right. Click on it and you’ll be able to move it to your inventory.

How To Change Bed Colors

If you place the bed on the crafting table along with any of the 16 colors of dye, you will be able to combine them to change the appearance of your bed.

With that being said, because beds can spawn randomly in the world, you will also be able to find a few while exploring. This is especially the case in villages where certain colored beds will spawn depending on the biome you find them in.

These are the different colored beds you can find in each village:

  • Savanna villages – Orange, red and yellow beds
  • Snowy villages – Blue and purple beds
  • Desert villages – Cyan, lime and green beds
  • Plains villages – White and yellow beds

How Do Beds Work In Multiplayer?

If you’re playing with a friend or a few players, in order to skip to the next day, each player will need to sleep in a bed at the same time.

It should be noted however that if you are playing multiplayer and one player doesn’t have access to their own bed right away, you can always ask them to disconnect for about 10 seconds before the other players go to sleep and the sun rises.

When they rejoin, they will still have their items intact.

Can You Sleep During The Day?

The only times you are able to sleep in a bed are during the night or in a thunderstorm.

This can definitely be annoying when you’re done for the day and want to skip to the next morning as quickly as possible, and it definitely would make speed runs easier, though at least it can still allow you to avoid mobs entirely when the sun goes down.

Can A Bed Really Explode?

If you’ve ever looked up a Minecraft bed tutorial on the internet, you’ve probably come across the “exploding bed” tutorial at some point.

In fact, many players use this weird feature of the game as a way to deal some big damage to the Ender Dragon.

The way it works is when you sleep in a bed while in The Nether and The End, the bed will explode, making for a destructive trap if you don’t mind taking a few hits yourself.

How To Sleep In A Villager Bed

It should also be noted that you are actually able to sleep in villager beds which can always come in handy in Survival Mode when you need somewhere to stay while venturing in the night and surrounded by mobs.

If a villager is currently lying down in a bed, simply click on them and they will get up, allowing you to rest for yourself.

When you wake up in the morning, the villager will be there to reclaim the bed.

It can often be a little annoying trying to stop a villager from reclaiming a bed constantly which is why it’s usually better to simply build your own or at least keep one in your inventory whenever you need it.


The good news is that crafting a bed in Minecraft is extremely easy and simply requires 3 simple tools.

While the wool can often be the hardest to get, as long as you have some sheep around your biome, you will be able to find plenty of it.

Keeping a bed around in Survival Mode is also incredibly worth it. This is especially true for speedruns. You won’t have to wait around in the night, hearing the mobs creeping outside if you’d rather get back to exploring in the daylight.

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