Interview with Jay_Cee – Battletoads WR

Jay_Cee, one of our favorite speedrunners, has recently achieved yet another world record. We got a hold of him, and we are excited to announce our first public interview! Jay_cee and Christian Sears chat about speedrunning battletoads and review the run that stands in first place on the leaderboards.

Jay_Cee has now moved on to the 100% category in Battletoads, and the next game on his list is Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest. The unfortunate thing is, Jay_Cee already holds 1st place in CVII, but Twitch had an error and the video is forever lost. Knowing Jay_Cee as well as we do, he’ll have another video to replace it soon — so be sure to check out his Twitch channel!

A full 16 minutes of discussion, and it’s not even close to enough to cover everything there is to say about this run.

A big thank you to Zaliphone for smoothly editing the video, Christian Sears for holding and scheduling the interview, and of course, the magnificent Jay_Cee for taking the time out of his day to interview with us!

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