I Wanna Kill the Kamilia 3 — An Insane World Record

Just 15 days ago FazzTW got a world record in one of the most challenging 2D speedgames, I Wanna Kill the Kamilla 3 (also known as K3). FazzTW finished the game with a remarkable time of 2:50:26 and making his the first sub 3 hour run in the 3 plus years of Any% runs! This beat out Twitch streamer Stonk, formerly StinkyCheeseOne890, who had an already impressive speedrun of 3:02:20.


However, the 2:50:26 didn’t stand for long. (Enough already! Just show me the world record I’m here to watch!)

K3 is an intense precision platformer with crazy boss fights and puzzles. Several fights require the player to only avoid attacks while other sections require attacking. There is even a boss battle where you must play minesweeper while avoiding attacks! The game, even outside of a speedrun setting can be soul sucking to say the least.

K3 is a part of the I Wanna Be the Guy massive collection of fangames. I Wanna Be the Guy: The Movie: The Game was released back in October of 2007 by an inspiring person widely known as Kayin. The title later became known as I Wanna Be the Guy or more commonly as just IWBTG for short. The intent was for the game to be one of the hardest titles ever made — and at the time, it really was! However, by today’s standards, IWBTG is child’s play compared with even I wanna be the Boshy — which is also not nearly as difficult as K3! It included a bunch of retro gaming influences, including Kirby areas, a Tetris screen, Shy Guys, and much more. It has since spawned a ton of fangames, thus K3, Boshy, and other fangames have become known simply as “Fangames”. Fangames range from fun to challenging to plain awful. K3 is a mix of fun and quality, and it is one of the hardest of its kind.

Stonk returned to the run feeling a bit uninspired due to being motivated more by improving his own records rather than getting a record back. During the run, most notably during Cyber, there was some terrible RNG but he managed to gain momentum as the run continued. Seemingly inspired by the bad attacks, he honed in on his dodges, read the attacks like a champ, and pulled through.

“Cyber is the hardest fight in the run, for sure. He’s the make it or break it every time
… and he certainly almost broke it.”

Luckily, Stonk kept it together and came out on top.

This past week, after only 13 days on the leaderboard, but more than 1 year after his previous personal best, Stonk reclaimed his glory and got the world record back. He finished the game with a final time of 2:46:06. On top of getting the world record for the Any% category, he also managed to get the world record for the To Boss Rush category with a time of 57:32, the previous record being 1:03:54 which was also held by Stonk. Yet, another milestone, hitting that first sub 1 hour! Both chat, and Stonk himself, couldn’t stop mentioning just how insane that time really is.

“I didn’t think I could do that, man”

Language warning:


“That’s like actually 3 minutes off my sum of best”

Without further ado, here’s the new world record in all it’s magnificence! I hope you enjoy it as much as we did!


Congratulations to Stonk for the new world record in K3. For a direct link to Stonk’s K3 run on his twitch, head over here!

Special message from SpeedGamingNews:
Hey, Stonk, I know this run means a lot to you. So seriously dude, congratulations on this incredible run. I will always be in awe of your talent, and I really respect you as a person. You put thousands, even 10s of thousands of hours of perfecting these runs, and you put your whole heart into everything you do. Keep making awesome content, and I can’t wait to catch more streams when you’re back from AGDQ 2019!

And furthermore, from both Speed Gaming News & Stonk himself, check out FazzTW’s stream. He’s another great Twitch streamer, and deserves to be recognized for all his hard work. Also, shoutouts to Taiwan! Fazz can definitely get the record back at any time — it’s still fresh on the tip of his fingers!

Thanks for reading, and we’ll catch you next time! If you’d like to get involved and help Speed Gaming News, or just want to hang come chill with us jump in our Discord!

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