LADX Rando Races

The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening DX
now has a randomizer!

At the time of this post, the randomizer is in alpha. LADX speedrunners who know all the tricks may be able to work around this, but casual players can encounter unbeatable seeds.

You never know where a door might lead, how you’ll use it to your advantage, or how you might have to work around it! See what items you’ll discover within the randomized chests. Where you end up, with whatever resources you have, can only be overcome using in-depth knowledge and understanding of the Link’s Awakening universe matched with your skill and wit.

Though it may sound overwhelming to someone who is new to Link’s Awakening, the randomizer includes a very useful tool to help you along your way. You can mark the items you’ve found and entrance locations for quick references. Nobody likes repeatedly entering the same door, looking for a new path — this totally removes that from your worries throughout this challenge.

If this isn’t enough of a challenge for you, you can also active 1-hit KO mode, blackout mode, “fun” mode, and other various settings to make for unique, and maybe even goofy races.

As a bonus, some colors and music will also be randomized. Check it out!

This clip was taken during a 4-way rando race. Clip taken from Sagaz_14.

This randomizer was created by Saver and the item/entrance tracker was developed by LedZeppole.

To get the resources, join the races, casually enjoy a new LADX adventure, or to simply stay up to date on this randomizer, join the LADX Rando discord channel or check the LADX randomizer website.

This romhack is great for for most people, but if you do prefer a more mild experience, there is another romhack featuring only randomized entrances created by Spiraster, which can also be made available within the discord channel.

I hope to see some of you pick up this romhack, and start building up familiarity with the game. I look forward to featuring you all when I have the opportunity to write about the first LADX Rando Tournament!

Well, as always, have fun and godspeed!

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