OoT Ganon’s Castle Cutscene Skip

This article is not original content. This is only a reconstruction of a pastebin created by Zfg. This is only being reposted because we consider it highly valuable speedrunning information, and wanted to display it in a way that keeps you on a single page. The only edits of the original post are grammar, punctuation, capitalization, embedding links, and a little bit of styling or rephrasing if necessary.

Without further ado, read about the new route improvements — originally written by Zfg:

A few days ago a new clip was found in Ganon’s castle escape that lets us get out of bounds and skip all the way to the end of the castle collapse — without even having to watch the cutscene for the collapse starting.

This saves more time than simply getting out of caste collapse faster for a few reasons.

We don’t have to watch the cutscene for the tower falling. For some reason, the flag that gets set when you watch the tower falling cutscene is shared with the flag that gets set when you get caught in Gerudo fortress. This flag is normally unset when the castle collapse begins, but because we skip that entirely, the flag remains set and the cutscene doesn’t play.

In the previous route, we needed to use Bottle Adventure to get Farore’s Wind on B for the end of the run. One of the important reasons for this was to set FW in the collapse after wrong warping to it, savewarp and grab gold gauntlets, then warp back up. The FW warp back up also fixes your coordinates for void warp. If you try to do void warp immediately after wrong warping from fire temple, the coordinates you start with are incredibly difficult to do void warp with. The angle is precise to 2 specific angles on the control stick, the jumpslash is frame perfect, you essentially can’t pause buffer it, and you get only 1 try — It’s simply not viable in a run. With this new skip, we don’t have to worry about void warp coordinates at all, and so one of the important reasons for FW on B is gone now. We can move some of the other uses for that FW on B to earlier in the run, and now we can use BA to get a different item on B.

Now we use Bottle Adventure to get glitched item 253 on B, and this item acts as eyedrops for Biggoron. Eyedrops won’t work properly for Biggoron unless the trade item in your inventory is at least prescription or higher in the trade sequence — so you can’t just use it to skip the whole thing, but it means that we can give him the broken sword to get prescription, then immediately give him eyedrops without having to do any backtracking for the eyeball frog or real eyedrops.

This also allows for various other “route cleanups”. In previous routes there was a lot of sections that just seemed slow but we couldn’t find any way around them, but this new route cleans up a lot of the ugly route options that have been hindering the route since equip swap was found almost a year ago. Now the route really feels clean and flows smoothly.

Overall,this route saves 4 minutes. Timing video by fig:

Yes, sub 4 is now very possible.

Thanks again and credit goes to Zfg for creating the pastebin, and putting in all your hard work. Be sure to check out his live stream over on his Twitch, where we may finally be able to see a sub 4 hour run, new world records, great commentary and explanations, and just overall entertainment.

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