How to get the Secret Ending in Hollow Knight (Spoiler Free)

If you’ve completed Hollow Knight’s story, whether recently or long ago, it might have left you a bit… hollow. It is not new having “bad endings” in video games for our main characters, and sometimes those are there for the best.

However, despite how tragic Hallownest’s story is, some of us just waited for the credits to stop rolling and show us a better resolution to the conflict presented. If this is your case, fear not, because instead of a post-credit scene, there is a secret, more complex ending, which has a better outcome for our protagonist. It requires some extra work, and that is what we will be explaining in today’s article while keeping out any major spoilers as best as possible.

What you will first need to have is an item from the Ancient Basic. Though you may already know, I will avoid telling you exactly what them does until after you’ve acquired it. This is an item that you can get after defeating the Broken Vessel. If you don’t have it, please, watch the following video. And be sure to stop once the item is consumed if you’d like to better avoid any spoilers on the ability.

Something obtained

The location we are going to start with is the Kingdom’s Edge. With the Monarch Wings, we will be able to access a new zone. Make sure you sit on the bench first, since there’s a boss fight soon. In the following clip, you can follow the indications.

After following Hornet through this passage, she will challenge us again to a duel. Her move set is almost the same, with a new attack that will difficult maneuverability in the battleground and an increase of speed in all of the other ones. Beating her will reward us with the King’s Brand.

Before we continue, you will have to have obtained two items. One is found talking with the White Lady, which requires you to have fought the Traitor Lord in the Queen’s Garden. She will give us half of a charm.

The other one is harder to get. We need to get the Awoken Dream Nail (talking to the Seer while having 1800 essence) and go to the Ancient Basin. There, we will find a fallen knight in the right bottom part (next to a Stag Station).

Hollow Knight - Knight Essence
Hollow Knight – Knight Essence

We can now access the White Palace, a hard parkour zone which will grant us, in the end, the other half. They will have given you half of a charm each, and when getting both of the parts, we now have the Kingsoul charm. Same as last time, if you are feeling like the video is showing too much, go ahead and pause and try to finish on your own, now that you have a general idea of the goal.

White Palace Walkthrough

We now only have one more step

With the Kingsoul charm and the King’s Brand, we now have to go to the ancient basin again. In the deepest part, we will find a door opening. Welcome to the Abyss.

Here we can upgrade the Vengeful Spirit into the Shade Soul by going right, and the Howling Wraith into the Abyss Shriek by going left. However, what we want to do now is to go deeper. We will find a breakable ground in the middle of the bottom part, and by avoiding the enemy shades, we will get to a massive black egg, reflecting ourselves. When we interact with it, we get the…

For a complete guide on the Kingsoul and Voidheart locations, watch this Relyea’s video where he summarizes the obtention:

We are now reaching the end of our journey. Go back to the Black Egg Temple and start a fight again with the Hollow Knight. You will have noticed that Hornet is at the entrance to the temple, but tells you that she won’t help you.

Despite her claim, she will show up at the end of the battle, immobilizing the Hollow Knight. When you see the essence particles, don’t hesitate and use the dream nail. You will go into a new dimension, but instead of finding a dream version of the Hollow Knight, your foe will be much harder: The Radiance.

We recommend you try to beat her on your own since its a lot more satisfying, but if you struggle against her (which is totally normal), watch this guide on how to beat her.

After beating her, a new cutscene will have appeared, revealing an alternative ending that suits our desires for the little knight we have been controlling this whole time. Congratulations, reader, you have beaten Hollow Knight (or, at least, the base game).

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