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As much as I love gaming, speedrunning, and running this website, I am deciding to pursue new endeavors.

If you’re looking for something specific, here’s what I cover in this article:

You can buy Speed Gaming News on Afternic or contact me at:

I’m open to direct sales as well.

Serious inquiries only.

Running Speed Gaming News

I built this website and brand in 2017 after witnessing complaints from the community about gaming websites not representing them. The sites published content about drama and made the community look bad, when in reality that was the tiniest sliver of the otherwise fun, intellectual, friendly individuals who make up the gaming world.

Spending hundreds and eventually thousands of hours designing and working out the details just to launch the website, I poured my heart into this project. The early articles had the same heart as our most recent articles, but when I first started I had a lot to learn in the endless pursuit of knowledge. I used to feel like a jack of all trades and an expert of none.

I tried everything and anything when it comes to writing, marketing, financials, legal, advertising, branding, and the list goes on. There was not one area where I tried and was successful on a first attempt. I failed, failed, pushed through, failed some more, until finally something worked, and I learned a new skill or a deeper understanding of what it truly takes to run a web-based business.

My experience on this site, my career which was in part launched by this site, and consistent extra-curricular learning have truly turned me into an expert on at least SEO and project management. That is something I never thought I’d be able to say about myself confidently.

Working With The Speed Gaming News Team

I received lots of good feedback, learned so much, and turned this endeavor into a career launcher — not just for myself, but for those who I hired to work with me.

What I’m most proud of is how much I’ve helped others improve their lives after taking them under my wing for this project. But beyond that, everyone I worked with was tremendously talented in their respective field, and to this day I’m ineffably proud that I was able to work with and get to know them.

This wasn’t my first time earning money on a passion project, but it was the first time I’ve helped others grow in their career, and that honestly beats out any income I’ve received from ads, subscriptions, partnerships, or sponsors.

I want to give a sincere and very special thank you to everyone who got involved, helped out, gave critical feedback, gave compliments, or otherwise worked with me to build this project into a success. And an additional shoutout to those in the gaming and speedrunning community who had our back and best interests in mind. I really appreciate all of you. Any feedback I received was taken seriously, and every pat on the back or compliment I’ve received stays with me to this day and was such a special part of this experience. Thank you!

Why I’m Selling Speed Gaming News

On Speed Gaming News, there has been a downturn in output from myself. My full-time career that has been built from this project has been life-changing, providing me with a fulfillment that I never could have imagined. With my financial and career goals reached, I don’t have the same drive to maintain this website or give it the love and respect it deserves. I found myself looking for ways to cut corners or just avoid the responsibility altogether. I don’t think that’s fair to those with their names on this site, beneficial to me, or even financially meaningful.

What I hope is that this site will pass on to someone who wants to get a head start on profiting off of a passion project. Someone who loves gaming, speedrunning, or someone who genuinely has the interests of the readers in mind. I hope that this website will serve as a head-start so you can jump right in and hit the ground running without the pains of buying domains, building domain authority, deciding on plugins, logo design, site design, SMTP, knocking out pillar and cluster content, and the whole nine yards that comes with establishing your brand.

My personal story with Speed Gaming News is one that took me from a website-building novice into a highly respected role for a tech company giant that takes exceptional care of its employees. I could have never done this if I hadn’t personally gotten a head start from a mentor who first took me under his wing.

If I can pay it forward and provide a benefit to another, that’ll be the cherry on top of this life-changing — or perhaps life-forming — adventure.

Okay, but I’m being sappy. 6 years on this passion project. So many changes. So many starts and stops. So much excitement and wonder. It’s just a lot for me, but I truly believe I’m making the right decision.

How To Purchase

The site is available for Buy now on Afternic with a minimum offer amount listed. I’m open to negotiation and or direct sales.

If you’d like to discuss this opportunity with me, email me at:

Serious inquiries only.

What You’re Buying With The Website

If needed, we can discuss the following:

  • SEO training
  • Support and guidance
  • Training and overview
  • Training in WordPress and website project management
  • Niche strategies

I offer these because I want you to succeed and this website and its community deserve it.

Buying this website gives you a massive head start by:

  • The ability to earn passive income DAY 1 when you connect to an advertising agency
  • Having the branding and logo designed and implemented in a hands-off way
  • Clever CSS work to further establish your brand legitimacy
  • Pillar posts, cluster posts, stand-alone articles, and a foundation of articles
  • Solid domain authority on gaming and speedrunning topics
  • Multiple first suggested articles in search engines
  • 6 years of information for brand recognition and web crawlers
  • A familiar name for social confidence
  • Configured SMTP
  • Good website hygiene
  • Many well-written, evergreen posts
  • Preconfigured menus, pages, settings, email templates, SMTP settings
  • Behind-the-scenes schema and SEO configurations
  • Media and reusable content in the media library
  • Easy-to-branch articles
  • Interlinked articles (inbound internal, outbound internal, external)
  • Meticulously designed metadata, meta descriptions, excerpts, SEO snippets, and page titles
  • Prebuilt tags and categories
  • A helping hand if you need some help getting started

Let’s Do This

Let’s give Speed Gaming News a good home.

If you’re interested, buy Speed Gaming News on Afternic or reach out to me regarding a direct sale or questions at:

Serious inquiries only.

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