SUN: Speedrun Updates & News #2 — 12/19/18

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Starting with the world records for this week, Ian_Miles29 set a new The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD Any% world record of 58:09. This was a 32 second time save over the previous world record which he also held. This run made use of an improved setup for a notoriously difficult trick known as door clip. Previously, this door clip was one of the most inconsistent parts of the Any% run so this new setup is a welcome sight for Any% speedrunners.

The Portal 2 Co-operative mode world record was beaten this week by the runners Msushi and Can’t Even. This 21 minute 38 second run crushed the previous world record by 5 minutes thanks to a new route which skips the first 2 levels of the game.

Thanks to the newfound way of clipping in Half-Life 2, maltemller has dropped down the world record to a 1:02:29 this week. This new method, which puts the player into a state of no-clip, allows them to jump through walls throughout the run. It opens up an enormous amount of rerouting potential so this record will likely continue to drop significantly in the coming weeks.

A new Need for Speed: Most Wanted world record was set by Kuru this week! This 3:41:54 run was a 3 minute PB and world record.

Terraria’s Expert mode moon lord World Record was beaten this week by PhasingDice. This 43 minute 41 second run cut the world record down by over a half. They made an incredible edit for their world record that explains everything they do over the course of the run. I highly recommend watching this one!

TheMexicanRunner beat the Cuphead all ‘S’ & ‘P’ grades Legacy Expert World Record this week.The 37:16 run beat out the old record by about 30 seconds. This category requires the runner to beat all run-and-gun levels without killing any enemies while also getting perfect ranks on all of the bosses — all while on expert mode of the game!

A Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse Alucard world record of 25:52 seconds was achieved by Jay_Cee this week. This run was behind his personal best right up until the last few minutes where the last couple of splits saved enough time to beat the world record. Jay_Cee didn’t even realize the run was on world record pace until just as it ended.

A world record for the Japanese version of Paper Mario: The Thouasand Year Door Any% was set this week by Yoshi_zilla. This 2:47:20 run was the result of the first day back after a few week break from the category. A two second world record.

In other news, A The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures TAS by Yadra was shown off this week. Alongside the TAS, there’s some informative commentary explaining whats going on in the run.

Karl Jobst released a video this week, explaining one of his advanced speedrunning principles. In this video, he explains the 50/50 rule he keeps in mind during practice.

GrandPooBear, a popular Mario speedrunner, joined the redbullesports family this week. Another great step towards increasing the presence of speedrunning in Esports!

The Two Dads Podcast, hosted by cheese and simply, was joined by ALTinsider this week to discuss the competitive side of speedrunning, and how it might work in the future!

The runner of the week is SpecsNStats! He is primarily a The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 100% speedrunner. Since he is essentially the only active runner of the category currently, nearly all of the 100% route was routed by himself. This dedication to such a long category really shows, as he holds the world record in 100% by 8 hours. Despite the intimidating length of the run, there is very little downtime so I’d recommend checking his channel out!

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