SUN: Speedrun Updates & News #3 — 12/27/18


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There were a lot of world records broken this week so here’s a quick summary:
SHiFT set the Spongbob Squarepants: Battle For Bikini Bottom world record of 54:18, beating the old record by 2 seconds.

SilverStar6609 set the Super Mario World No Star World world record of 32:51.390. This beat the old record by 0.71 seconds.

CantEven set the Portal Out of Bounds world record of 7:14.5. This beat the old record by 1 second.

Dage4 set the Sonic Adventure 2: Battle world record of 22:09.22. This beat the old record by 19 seconds.

Exarion set the Pokemon Red/Blue Any% Glitchless Classic World Record of 1:56:29. This beat the old record by 1:36. The Glitchless Classic Category is different from the glitchless category as is disallows a few additional tricks compared normal glitchless. For example, you can’t use a Pokedoll on Marowak to skip the silph scope, or use the bike voucher trick to get instant text in this category.

CScottyW set the Metroid Fusion Any% world record of 49:20. This beat the old record by 14 seconds.

MRTrombocit set the End is Nigh friend% world record of 18:28.980. This beat the old record by 4 seconds.

Ian_Miles29 set The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD Any% world record of 57:42. This beat the old record by 27 seconds and was the first sub 58 minute run.

Maltemller set the Half-Life 2 Any% world record of 1:01:06. This beat the old record by 54 seconds. The world record for this category has been dropped down by around 8 minutes this month thanks to a new way of clipping.

Chivu93 set the Grand Theft Auto III Any% world record of 1:01:26. This beat the old record by 30 seconds.

There were 3 incredible Super Mario Odyssey achievements this week.

Parazite and Orolme set the Super Mario Odyssey 2p Any% world record of 1:00:01. This beat the old record by 28 seconds. The run was only 2 seconds off the sub 1 hour goal the Super Mario Odyssey community has strived for since the release of the game.

Smallant1 set the Super Mario Odyssey Blindfolded Any% world record of 12:07:20. This was Smallant1’s second attempt of the blindfolded run, and the first ever blindfolded completion of the game.

Timpani set the Super Mario Odyssey Damageless world record of 880 moons. Timpani obtained all 880 unique moons in the game without taking a death or a single hit of damage over the course of the 11 hour run!

In other news, the Finals for a bunch of Global Speedrun Association Tournaments were this past weekend. In the Mario Kart Double Dash Time Trials Tournament, GoombaNL won against OptimisticEmo, 7-2.

In the Super Mario 64 Triple Bingo Tournament, Puncayshun won against Shansss.

In the Super Metroid Any% Tournament, Zoasty won against Kipp.

Finally, in the Super Mario 64 70 star Tournament, Dwhatever won against Puncayshun.

In addition to the conclusion of all of these GSA tournaments, Global Speedrun Association also announced Leagues for Mario Kart Double Dash Time Trials, Super Mario Any%, Super Mario 64 70 and 16 star, and Celeste Any%. They also announced a live event, PACE, which will feature the league finals for Super Mario Odyssey, Super Mario 64, and Celeste. It currently has a minimum prize pool of five thousand dollars.

Some other upcoming events include a Super Mario 64 Stage RTA Tournament hosted by Simply and Piti, Speedgaming Tournaments for the French A Link to The Past Randomizer Runners, a Megaman 11 Any% Tournament, and a Super Mario bros 3 randomizer tournament.

Also, this Saturday there is a Super Mario 602 race at 9am EST. This is an event where runners race to collect all of the stars in all of the main series 3D mario games from Super Mario 64 to Super Mario Galaxy 2. There are 15 runners participating in this 602 race. It takes around 24 hours total to be completed so it’ll be going all day.

Some other speedrunning content to check out is the RUSH christmas special video which is a fun 100 question quiz covering all of the major speedrunning events in the past year.

Another video in Karl Jobst’s Advanced Speedrunning Principles Series came out this week talking about how to best practice speedruns.

The runner of the week is Ian_Miles29. He is a Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker Speedrunner, who started doing any% runs earlier this year, and all dungeon runs 6 months ago. He currently holds both world records for these two categories and actually improved the Wind Waker world record this week too. If you’re looking to watch a crazy Legend of Zelda run, definitely go check out Ian_Miles29 sometime.

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