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Selling This Website – Speed Gaming News is FOR SALE

As much as I love gaming, speedrunning, and running this website, I am deciding to pursue new endeavors. If you're looking for something specific, here's what I cover in this article: About The Site Running The Website Working With The Team Why It Is For Sale For Sale Information How To Purchase & Pricing What You Get When You Buy This Website Let's Do This You can buy Speed Gaming News on Afternic or contact me at: kwapich.justin@gmail.com I'm open to direct sales as well. Serious inquiries only. Running Speed Gaming News I built this website and brand in 2017 after witnessing complaints from the community about gaming websites not representing them. The sites published content about drama and made the community look bad, when in ...
5 Blindfolded Speedruns You Have To See! – SGN
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5 Blindfolded Speedruns You Have To See! – SGN

As if speedruns weren't impressive enough, let's try them blindfolded! The world of speedrunning is quite vast and exciting. Not only because pretty much any game you think of might have a speedrun of it. But also because speedrunners use various methods to beat the game. Some people have been using dance pads, guitars from Guitar Hero, and VR controllers. There's also hand tracking, and even bananas. That's bananas! However, of all the unconventional ways one could speedrun, one stands out. To many, the most impressive will always be speedrunning blindfolded. Of course, none of the runs we list are the fastest way to beat the game. With that said, the sheer fact that they are doing it blindfolded is something you must check out if you love speedruns. https://youtu.be/wtgtCavisqo T...