The History of CELESTE Speedruns (in 5 Minutes, or so)

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0:59 – We should have said that many of time saves, when comparing top places on the leaderboards, come from taking less deaths. There are plenty of other types of time saves which have been made in many categories over time.
1:06 – There have been route changes which have helped move these speedruns forward.
These route changes include 5B/6B
prologue skip
and more.
1:43 – It wasn’t Dwango’s TAS. Dwango simply presented the TAS. The TASers who created this TAS were devilsquirrel, KDT, and kilaye, as can be seen in the bottom right corner during this segment.
3:24 – There are plenty of other categories, such as All Red Berries, All hearts, True Ending, All Chapters, 100%, All A Sides, All B Sides, All C Sides, 202 Berries, Assist Mode, Bny%, All Cassettes, NG+, Mirror Mode, Invisible Any%, No Grabbing Any%, 25 Golden Berries, Any% (No Patch Restriction), All Chapters (Pre-DLC), 100% (Pre-DLC), 200 Berries (Pre-DLC), plus the Celeste Classic speedruns with its own categories, and there are mods, and custom map speedruns as well. There are simply too many to cover here, but if any of these interest you, you should absolutely go and check them out on (and then later on Twitch or Youtube).
4:07 – As it turns out, the concerns that a few speedrunners had over this completely diminished once we saw these events take place. Luckily for us, the speedrunning community shares sincere sportsmanship. And it should also be clarified, not EVERYONE was concerned about how these would play out. There was a lot of welcoming to new movements in the speedrunning community.
5:17 – The current Any% world record is held by UltraMarlin, submitted to the leaderboards on April 2nd, 2020, with a time of 26 minutes, 57 seconds, and 645 miliseconds. TGH stands in second place at 27 minutes and 2 seconds, and Chaikitty in third with a remarkable time of 27 minutes and 23 seconds. Correction for the blindfolded world record holder: It is actually Saver/CrystalSaver not Frozen Melody.
Also, I just want to take a moment to shout out previous world record holders, Oddbod, CosmicSense, Chaikitty, as well as speedrunners of other categories such as buhbai and neronero_x2. Unfortunately, I cannot dive into every aspect or every runner in this video. However, it’s worth mentioning, because there is already such a rich history behind Celeste speedruns. Again, I am only leaving this up as an example of my failure, so I can reference it and learn from it. From now on, I will provide scripts and fact check every submission which comes my way. Sorry to the Celeste community. If you want to learn more about the actual community, please visit the many talented Celeste runners on their Twitch or Youtube pages. I couldn’t possibly summarize the rich history of Celeste speedruns in 5 – 6 minutes. Sorry again, but I hope you trust me to put in my efforts to make sure this never happens again. Thank you!

Celeste is a game with phenomenal movement, especially when it comes to speedruns. You have pinpoint control of where your character will land and it’s incredibly satisfying to zip between platforms and dodge around obstacles. Every time you hit a difficult trick, or you manage to save yourself in an inventive way, it feels great. And it just so happens that this happens over and over again in speedruns of Celeste. This has caused Celeste to build a healthy speedrunning community who is still perfecting routes to this day.

The History of Celeste Speedruns

On January 26, 2018, Celeste was released. Players around the world wasted no time setting new speedrun records. The first Any% speedruns were pretty archaic compared to the speedruns we have now. They consisted of players dying over and over, leading to final times of over an hour. Something that’s pretty unique about this game’s lifespan is that the biggest time save after two years only cuts two minutes off the final time. Compared to games like Spyro the Dragon and Super Mario 64, where you can cut off about an hour of the speedruns with skips alone, a majority of Celeste’s time saves are just not dying. Even to this day, there are still deaths in the world record speedruns.

This game is rough!

A week after the game released, over 10 minutes had been shaved off the day one speedrun time of 54 minutes by a speedrunner by the name of Magolor9000, who took and held the number one place on the leaderboards for three weeks. He was constantly beating and improving his own records through optimizing his routing and reducing his death count into the single digits.

World Record Trade Offs

Eventually though, he would be overtaken by yp and then TGH. The ladder of the two would then go on to hold either the first or second place positions for the next two years.

A Special TAS Event

Celeste gained a lot of interest from an event which took place on July 3rd, 2018, at Summer Games Done Quick 2018 (SGDQ 2018). A player by the name of DwangoAC got a chance to show off a tool assisted route which he had put weeks putting together. He created the perfect run for Celeste. He involved strategies that were almost impossible for speedrunners to consistently pull off in actual speedruns.

He involved one frame spike jumps at every opportunity, and chained together mind-blowing movement techniques.

On February 10th, 2019, Katun24 took the challenge of completing the game in the shortest amount of time with one small handicap.

He was completely blindfolded!

Blindfolded speedruns have somehow managed to become a staple of speedrunning culture. The minimum requirements for a game to be speedran blind are as follows.

  • The game needs to have a route mostly avoiding rng (or random number generation, or just general randomness)
  • Leeway for mistakes
  • And having strong audio cues for certain events can really help

Celeste manages to fulfill all of these requirements, and can even manage to tie movement options with the soundtrack and have everything work out. Katun24 set a respectable time of 3 hours and 8 minutes. However, 6 months later, FrozenMelody showed up and blazed through the game blindfolded in over half that time at an hour and 49 minutes —  a record that has still not been beaten to this day.

The Global Speedrun Association Events

Around November 25th, the Global Speedrun Association announced they were holding a speedrunning event that had never been tried before. Competitive speedrunning. The GSA was planning to hold a speedrunning event across multiple games with tournament brackets and seeding, similar to how more traditional E-sports are held. Players would play through sets of best-of-three until the grand finals, where the players would play a best-of-five.

These speedrunning events were highly competitive, and to put it in perspective how close the races could be, you would just have to watch or listen to the video.


Celeste is still one of the most popular games to speedrun to this day, with new runs being added to the leaderboard every day. But if you ask us, we think the Any% category has been optimized to a point where it is not going to be beaten for a very long time.

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