This Week in Speedrunning

Ocarina of Time, Skyward Sword, events, an NES classic — this week has been huge for speedruns. Let’s check it out.


11 months ago, Angrylanks took a long-standing world record from DK28 in the Nintendo classic, Contra. DK’s time of 9:53.834 has stood for 3 years, and Angrylanks only inched forward with a time 0.034 seconds faster — 9:53:8. Well, Angrylanks has unparalleled dedication, and he pushed that 9:53 lower and lower over these 11 months.

Finally, he broke through that barrier. After a tough and ongoing battle, Lanks achieved an incredible 9:52.850.

If you don’t know Angrylanks, we highly recommend you check out his twitch channel. Not only is he incredibly good at any game he puts his mind to, he’s also a great drummer and an all around great guy.

Skyward Sword

A new glitch was found in The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. This glitch, known as Harp Cancel, saves about 1 minute and 40 seconds if you do it correctly for all the trials in the run, which makes it the biggest time save found in Skyward Sword in the last 3 years.

With the aid of this new finding, Nimzo‘s 1st place time of 4:56:56 has been knocked down to second place, making room for the new world record holder. With a time of 4:55:52, keitsu23 has become the new Any% champion! Congrats, champ.

You can watch the full run on keitsu23’s twitch page — here’s the highlight!


Looking for something to watch? We’ve got you covered. All week long, there will be a speedrunning event taking place on ESA’s Twitch page, and for a good cause too!

There will be all sorts of games, ranging from Kung Fu for the NES, to Celeste! We’ll for sure be there, and we hope to see you around!

“ESA is a series of charity fundraising marathons revolving around speedrunning! For one whole week 400 gamers gather together to present world-class gameplay on, completing games as fast as possible while rasing money for a cause. This year we are fundraising for Save the Children

Ocarina of Time

Putting the new route to use, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time has seen a new world record for the 100% (Source Required) category. OoT speedrunning expert, Zfg, made his old record of 4:05:28 a relic of the past by achieving a new WR of 4:03:24 with a run Zfg promptly described as having “some of the stupidest mistakes I’ve ever made.”

Still, an incredible time, and most definitely a foretelling of great things to come — we’re looking at you, sub 4. Congrats Zfg!

Thanks to everyone in the speedrunning community for your awesome content. Keep up the good work. We’ll catch you around next time!

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