Top 10 AGDQ 2019 Speedruns That We Look Forward To!

As most of you know, Awesome Games Done Quick 2019 is right around the corner, and today I’m going to walk you through the top 10 speedruns that I am most excited for in the upcoming marathon:

10. Luigi’s Mansion – No OOB – HDlax1

A launch title for the Gamecube, Luigi’s Mansion is a game that many people know and love. It is also a highly competitive speedrun, with the top 8 times on the leaderboards being within around 1 Minute from the world record. The run is super exciting to watch, as there is a very interesting strat for all of the bosses. You get a mini adrenaline rush every time Luigi starts to vacuum up a Boo, leading to very intense moments, especially towards the end of the run. HD is a very experienced Luigi’s Mansion runner, having ran the game at SGDQ 2017. Luigi’s Mansion has been showcased four times at a GDQ Event, and No OOB once. The last time Luigi’s Mansion appeared at one of these events was the SGDQ 2017 No OOB run by HDlax himself.

9. Pokemon Gold – Any% Glitchless (Race) – Gunnermaniac, pokeguy

A quintessential game in its era, Pokémon Gold is the favorite of many Pokémon fans. While it may not be as popular as the older Red/Blue games, Gold is still an amazing speedrun to watch. The two speedrunners that will be racing, Gunnermaniac and pokeguy, are the top two runners in the game, and they are sure to put on a very intriguing race. The run itself has a 3:25:00 estimate, which is extremely long for a race, especially in a game that is notorious for its RNG, so you will be witnessing either a blowout, or an extremely close race sure to move you to the edge of your seat. Both Gunner and Poke are highly experienced Pokémon speedrunners, while Gunner has ran in two GDQ’s, his most recent being in a race of Pokémon Red/Blue at SGDQ 2016. The last time Pokémon Gold/Silver has appeared at a GDQ was all the way back in SGDQ 2014, in a Any% No Save Corruption run by Shenanagans. This race between Gunnermaniac and pokeguy will be the first time Any% Glitchless will be showcased at a GDQ Event.

8. Mega Man X 1 – 3 team relay race – any% – Trogdor, Calebhart42, ColonelFatso, Tokyo90, Walrus_Prime, Soppa, Justin-credible, Luiz Miguel, Madu

Relay races are always a treat to watch at a GDQ, and this Mega Man X early series relay will be no exception. A brilliant follow up to the classic Mega Man 1 – 3 team relay race at AGDQ 2018, this speedrun features three of the top speedrunners for each of the three games. Every runner in this relay is amazing at the game they will be playing, and these runners have combined to have ran at a total of 32 GDQ runs, Trogdor running at 8, Caleb running at 12, Fatso running at 5, Tokyo running at 3, and Walrus running at 4, but look out for Soppa, Justin, Luiz, and Madu as well. This race is definitely one to check out.

7. Sonic Forces – Any% – thebluemania

Being the most recent entry into the Sonic series, Sonic Forces is a short but sweet game that a lot of people have mixed feelings on. However, it is an amazing speedrun. Being the world record holder for almost the entirety of the games lifetime, thebluemania is absolutely amazing at this game. This is the first time Blue will be running at a GDQ Marathon, as well as the first time Sonic Forces is in the spotlight — but thebluemania is sure to start this game’s GDQ lifetime with a bang.

6. Donkey Kong Country – Any% All Stages – V0oid, stew_

Two legendary speedrunners running a legendary speedgame, this race between V0oid and Stew is sure to be a nail-biter. These two runners have pushed this category down further and further. This run contains some insane tricks that you could never imagine as a casual player, making some of the levels in the game look like absolute magic. The level of skill that both of these runners have is insanely impressive, and this race is sure to showcase that. V0oid has showcased 5 runs at Games Done Quick events, while this would be Stew’s first run at GDQ. Donkey Kong Country was last shown at AGDQ 2018, with an amazing Reverse Boss Order speedrun by V0oid himself. This race is sure to be absolutely incredible.

5. Kirby & The Amazing Mirror – any% – swordsmankirby

A veteran of almost every Kirby series speedrun, SK is sure to put on a good show. A staple in the Kirby series as a whole, Amazing Mirror is one of the most underrated speedruns of all time, in my opinion. Swaying away from the typical Kirby series format, Amazing Mirror is a Metroidvania, giving you multiple options for routing, copy ability managing, and is all-in-all super impressive to watch everybody’s favorite pink blob move around the screen as fast as he does. SK has been part of five GDQ speedruns, most previously showcasing Kirby’s Adventure at SGDQ 2018. The last time Kirby & The Amazing Mirror was ran at a GDQ was during SGDQ 2016, in a Co-op any% run by swordsmankirby and GravelCrusher. This would be the first time Solo any% will be ran at a GDQ Event.

4. Mario Kart DS – 32 Tracks – Keverage

A favorite of many Mario Kart players, Mario Kart DS has some of the most interesting mechanics out of any of the games. With drifting being the way that it is, it incorporates a strat known as snaking, where runners drift from side to side which creates an almost never ending speed boost, introducing some amazing techniques that can be accomplished. With 32 of the most dynamic tracks in Mario Kart history, Keverage will be speeding through all of them at an insane pace. Kev has ran at two GDQs, most previously showcasing Sonic R at AGDQ 2017, and this will be the first time that Mario Kart DS will be ran at a GDQ. This run is definitely one to look out for, as Keverage will blow your mind.

3. The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask – Any% – popesquidward

The black sheep of the Zelda series, Majora’s Mask is adored by the ones who enjoy it, although it is not enjoyed by everyone. While not being as popular as its older brother Ocarina of Time, Majora’s Mask is one of the most eye opening speedruns out there. Having grinded this game for a very long time now, Popesquidward is one of the top speedrunners in this game. Being the talented speedrunner that he is, Pope is sure to put on a show that you will enjoy. Majora’s Mask has not been shown at a GDQ since TrevPerson’s All Masks run at SGDQ 2017, while Any% has not been showcased since AGDQ 2014 by ZFG. This is Popesquidward’s first Games Done Quick run, and it is sure to be one of the best runs of this event.

2. Celeste – All Chapters – TGH

Winning the Best Indie Game Award of 2018, Celeste is a game that put a smile on many people’s faces. It has quickly grown into one of the most speedran games ever, and it is one of the most entertaining speedgames of all time. Between all the jumps, dashes, and climbs that Madeline on screen will be doing, TGH will be performing incredibly tight inputs, making what you will be seeing on the screen knock your socks off, making this incredibly difficult game seem like child’s play. Having showed off Any% at SGDQ 2018, TGH will be running the All Chapters category, which is three times as long as Any%, and containing 1:40:00 of non-stop action.

1. Super Mario Odyssey – Darker Side – Bayleef

Super Mario Odyssey was the fastest growing speedruns in history, and for good reason as well. The Darker Side speedrun contains three and a half hours of non-stop action, with Mario jumping, diving, climbing, running, rolling, and doing a lot of other insanely impressive movement techniques to get 500 moons as fast as possible, and then grab the final multi-moon at the end of the Darker Side of the Moon. Bayleef will be grabbing around 2.5 moons every minute, in an insanely impressive run. Holding the world record for this category for as long as he has, Bayleef is sure to put on an impressive show, making this the run that you absolutely cannot miss, and being my number one choice for the runs I am most excited for.

We’re looking forward to seeing all the runs at Awesome Games Done Quick 2019. Watch it live on GDQ’s official Twitch channel.

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