What Does Respiration Do In Minecraft?

There are many uses for enchantments in Minecraft, as they can make certain elements in the game a lot easier.

One of the most useful enchantments for anyone is respiration, which can be enchanted onto your armor to help you breathe underwater.

With the help of this guide, we’ll teach you everything you need to know about the respiration enchantment and its effects.

Soon, you’ll understand what you can enchant respiration on and how to do so. Now, let’s begin with what the respiration enchantment is.

What Is Respiration?

Put simply, respiration is an enchantment that essentially helps the player breathe underwater.

The typical Minecraft player will only be able to hold their breath for 15 seconds before they start to drown and rapidly lose their health.

However, with the help of the respiration enchantment, you’ll find it easier to dive underwater for extended periods.

Levels Of Respiration

Many enchantments have three level tiers, with enchantment being one of them. Enchantment is leveled at I, II, and III.

These enchantment levels increase the duration of time that you can spend underwater, making the process a lot easier.

You’ll most likely find that you can increase your breathing time by 15 seconds for each level.

Let’s break down each level. As you can normally stay underwater for 15 seconds before you start dealing damage, Respiration I will add another 15 seconds to your time.

Even with Respiration I, you’ll be able to spend 30 seconds underwater before you need to come up for air.

Likewise, Respiration II will add an additional 15 seconds to your 30 seconds, giving you 45 seconds underwater.

Once you have Respiration III, you’ll have the ability to stay underwater for a whole minute. These are perfect for anyone who needs to mine only available underwater materials.

Upgrading The Respiration Enchantment

You can increase respiration’s effectiveness by adding the aqua affinity enchantment to your armor.

Both aqua affinity and respiration are added to helmets to help you mine underwater.

While respiration will help you hold your breath for longer, aqua affinity will increase your mining speed.

When underwater, your mining speed naturally slows down, so using these enchantments, you should have no issues maximizing the time you spend beneath the water.

The turtle shell is one of the best helmets to enchant with respiration and aqua affinity.

The turtle shell is both a brewing ingredient as well as a helmet. Using a turtle shell, you can increase your water breathing by an additional 10 seconds.

Using a turtle shell and Respiration III, you’ll find the time you spend underwater increased to one minute and 10 seconds. To make a turtle shell, you just need five scutes, which growing baby turtles can obtain.

How To Level Up Enchantments?

Respiration can be leveled up in the same way as other enchantments. All you need is an anvil or an enchanting table.

You can trade your EXP points to enchant your tools using an enchanting table. You can gain EXP in various ways, but one of the most popular methods is by hunting and killing mobs.

When using an enchanting table, you will need EXP, lapis lazuli, and the helmet you want to enchant.

If you want to get a higher level of enchantment, put bookshelves around your enchanting table.

Ensure they are at least one block away and have space for you to move to and from your enchanting table. The most bookshelves you can place around your enchanting table is 15.

If you haven’t made an enchanting table yet, you can make one using two diamonds, four obsidian blocks, and one book.

Place them in the middle of your space, and outline five bookshelves around them.

What To Do Once You Have An Enchanting Table

Overall, enchanting tables are easy to make. Once you have your enchanting table, you can add lapis lazuli to the table, and you’ll be given a selection of enchantments.

If you don’t see any of the respiration enchantments, close the interface and open it again until you find a higher enchantment level.

If you don’t have the right equipment, you can always save your enchantment to an enchanted book for later.

Another way to level up enchantments is through the use of an anvil. To make an anvil, you’ll need three iron blocks and four iron ingots to craft using your crafting table.

If you want to repair an item, you just need to put two of the same items together.

However, if you want to enchant an item, you can combine your helmet with an enchanted book.

It will still cost a few levels to do this, but if you have the right enchanted book, you can enchant your helmet with respiration.

The number of levels determines how high you can level up your item. Those with lower levels need to grind a little harder before they can get Respiration II or III.

Is Respiration Useful?

Ultimately, respiration is an essential enchantment, especially if you plan to fight a guardian sea temple.

Fighting enemies underwater is easier with the respiration enchantment, and it’s also helpful for finding specific crafting materials.

Some materials are more difficult to find on land, so it’s better to mine them underwater instead.

If there are certain materials you need to find underwater, then you’ll find the respiration enchantment incredibly useful.

Final Thoughts

Knowing what enchantments do and how they can help you is essential to exploring the whole world of Minecraft.

There are many enchantments available, with respiration only one useful element among many. You can put more than one enchantment on a single item, and choosing the right item is key.

Once you know what each enchantment does, you can maximize its usefulness to ensure you get the best armor possible.

Check out some of our other articles if you’d like to know more about enchantments and how to use them.

Regardless of your experience, we have plenty of guides to help you get the most out of your world.

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