ZFG Gets OoT 100% WR With New Route!

Timed at 4:11:08, Zfg just improved his Ocarina of Time 100% world record with the new category route!

There was a huge build up of anticipation for this run. We watched as Zfg pieced together old and new route ideas, unsure if it could even result in a time save, or if it was simply wasted efforts. We started off knowing it could be slower, but as it was timed we found the new route to be at least 1 minute faster. Within 24 hours, that time save jumped to 2 minutes. Zfg’s not sure what the God-run might look like, but with a quick estimate he stated it might be around 4:07:xx.

So what changed?

So much, and I’m sure nobody can explain it in as great of detail as Zfg himself! One of the first notable changes is the RBA inside the windmill before getting the song of storms. Doing this allows the runner to get a modified deku stick and slingshot capacity and within a minute or so of this he also gets the adult’s wallet, the golden scale, and Cojiro. Because you need to acquire the highest upgrade of each item, the adult’s wallet which you’ve glitched into your inventory will later upgrade to the giant’s wallet when you talk to the guy who is supposed to give you the adult’s wallet.

Getting the Odd Mushroom in the trading quest is extremely useful in the new route because the mushroom expiration timer is used for a wrong warp which skips about 3 minutes of cutscenes.

My personal favorite moment of the run is the entrance of Jabu. As adult Link, the loading zone for Jabu still exists above the water, but below the ice. You have to do a clip with a mega side hop and hover boots to get inside and it just looks amazing. Then we finally get to see glorious ice arrows get put to some good use!

Of course, Dampe is still late in the run with his 1 in 10 chance required heart piece. If you’re not familiar with the run, this is where many great paces have gone to die.

It’s only fitting it takes place in a cemetery.

Another major change is the Fire Temple being done as the final dungeon to allow for a wrong warp to Ganon’s castle which skips both Ganondorf and the tower climb.

Though this is a “source required” 100% speedrun it currently stands with 148 entries on the leaderboard making it, by far, the most competitive 100% category.

This is only Zfg’s first record with the new route. There will surely be more records to come, so don’t miss the next run over at Zfg’s channel!

If you’re interested in learning the route in more detail, you can check out this spreadsheet.

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